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Why Choose Us

  • We are an insured Limited Liability Company, in the state of South Dakota.


  • Our costumes and wigs are beautifully handmade and regularly maintained, to make our characters truly presentable for each event.


  • We only hire true performers who have previous acting experience. Our actors are trained in Interactive Theater, Improv, Voice, Singing, Stage Combat, Dance and more!


  • All of our actors have believability. Not only do they look like the characters they are portraying, but they rehearse each character, to ensure our portrayals are loved by everyone.

  • Our owner is a seasoned theatre director. Having worked with actors of all ages and in many different settings, she brings her eye for creativity and character development to each performance and portrayal our actors do.

  • Our performers lead every activity. We do not send a helper along to complete the activities you have chosen for your party. Every single one of our performers is skilled in doing the activities themselves.


  • All of our performers have experience working with children and know how to keep children of any age entertained.


  • Our prices are competitive and affordable.


  • We provide friendly and helpful customer service.


  • We do not believe in cookie cutter parties. We are very flexible and will listen to your preferences, building the party activities around your own personal preferences.


  • We believe in making memories! Our number one goal, at charActors, is to create an event that your child will never forget!

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